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17 eCommerce Conversion Boosters: Learn How to Optimize Your Store

17 eCommerce Conversion Boosters: Learn How to Optimize Your Store
The times of yielding easy profits online are gone for good. To make a name online nowadays, it’s not enough anymore to keep products accessible in the virtual space. ECommerce is a science with its own laws and principles. And you must adhere to them if you want to master it. Today, we’d like to present an Infographic of 17 eCommerce Conversion Boosters. With its help, you can learn a lot of tips that you must follow in order to build a highly converting eCommerce site. This piece of creativity is focused on various areas of effective web marketplaces. They include psychology of colors, use of multimedia, optimization of payments, and many other aspects. Exploring the Infographic, you will also find out how to polish your contact info, facilitate communication with customers, and make your store look reliable. This is undoubtedly a must-check resource if you don’t have much time to read long articles, but still desperately want to increase the conversion of your e-store. The Infographic features some animated elements across its layout, which makes it a Gifographic. It is also structured in the form of a puzzle that consists of multicolored blocks. Different colors are used to group different blocks by the meaning. Each piece of the puzzle has its own significance for your eCommerce. Bring all the pieces together, and your store will have no match in terms of conversion. The information presented in the Infographic is based on the long-term experience of TemplateMonster. The company has developed eCommerce themes for over a decade and decided to share their knowledge and skills with retailers by means of the Infographic. Don’t hesitate to explore it and share your thoughts about it in the section of comments. Do you find its tips helpful for your eCommerce project? Can you add more tips to the Infographic? Tell us about them, please. conversion-infographics

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17 ECommerce Conversion Boosters 
17 eCommerce conversion boosters
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