Revenue Drivers

Revenue Drivers Magento Extensions

If your business involves selling products and services online then FME Magento Revenue driver extensions are meant to give you a perfect sales driving strategy. We offer number of Magento sales improving modules that carry higher potential to build a bigger list of customers. In order to give your customers list of reasons why you are better, you may need to use background images on your website, offer event discounts, use product labels, a referral and reward system, and much more. Don’t just think, start implementing and see the results. Browse through the following sales driving plugins list, click on any item to read more details.

  • Refer a Friend

    Refer a friend Magento extension is a marketing module that allows you to benefit from its viral marketing features. It is an essential module to benefit from social interaction of your customers by giving them discounts on each r....

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  • User Survey

    User Survey Magento Extension allows you to add survey, poll, questionnaire etc. to any page of your website. Add Interactive and categorized questions...

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    User Survey

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  • Event Discount Packages

    Magento Events Discount Extension allows you to create discount packages for any type of events such as New Year, Christmas, Holidays, New arrivals etc. On these events people are looking for discount deals all over the internet. ....

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  • Registry

    Besides bringing more traffic, Magento Gift Registry extension is an ultra smart plugin to manage online registries. It gives your website a beautiful landing page for online registry. Customers can create their own registries for....

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  • Who Viewed This Also Viewed

    This Magento Extension shows mostly viewed products to customers on product pages. This extension tracks customer’s browsing behavior and then based on these statistics, displays mostly viewed products. Products are displayed ....

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  • Featured Product Layout

    Featured Products Layout Magento Extension enables you to market your products more effectively by letting you create and display “Custom Product Display Area Layouts” on product page. These Product Display Area Layouts are fu....

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  • Frequently Bought Together

    Frequently Bought Together module displays frequently bought products to customers on product page based on the selected product. It gives exposure to your products and increases conversions. It overrides Magento’s related prod....

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  • Who Bought This Also Bought

    This Magento extension displays suggestions to customers on product page regarding the item they have selected. It shows products that other customers bought when they bought the item currently selected by the customer. These prod....

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  • Magento Background Images Extension

    Background Images Magento Extension allows you to place custom background image on home, product , CMS and category pages. Make your site lively with the help of custom background images. This module automatically sets background....

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  • Magento Product Labels Pro

    Highlight your products more powerfully with this brilliant new Magento tool from FME. Create rigorous product label rules and specify conditions with the help of Magento’s default promotion rules’ functionality overridden int....

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  • Magento Custom Stock Labels

    Magento Custom Stock Status extension allows you to set custom stock statuses which can be images as well. You can create stock rules which will automatically set stock statuses for your products. This Module supports all Magento....

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  • FME Home Tabs

    Magento Easy Tabs extension allows you to exhibit products on the home page with the help of tabs. These tabs are helpful in classifying products with respect to recently viewed, most reviewed, top rated, top in WishList, new prod....

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    FME Home Tabs

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