Magento Extensions

Magento extensions is the FME’s key development area, Fme team has been doing its research and development for years which has resulted in development of 90+ extremely useful and popular Magento modules. FME offers free and premium Magento 1.9 Extensions that are versatile in nature and will help you to improve your store administration, usability, security, SEO, Conversions, pricing and other important section.

  • Refer a Friend

    Refer a friend Magento extension is a marketing module that allows you to benefit from its viral marketing features. It is an essential module to benefit from social interaction of your customers by giving them discounts on each r....

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  • Magento Restrict by Customer Group

    Magento Store Restriction Extension allows you to hide/restrict areas of your website from different customer groups such as wholesalers, retailers, logged-in, registered etc. You can hide a web page, product, category, static blo....

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  • Magento Price List Export

    Generate PDF catalog quickly with price details and other product details. Customers can download catalog list in a PDF or an excel file. Download buttons are shown on home, category and products pages. You can display custom prod....

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  • Magento Call For Price

    Magento call for price extension allows store owners to hide product price and the add to cart button from product detail page, category listing, wish-list and anywhere the price is listed. The product price is replaced by a custo....

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  • Find Your Size

    This Magento Clothing Size Extension assists customers in finding right outfits by allowing them to enter standard size parameters such as waste size, trouser length etc. This module will then show customers if the size they ente....

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  • Product Image By Customer

    The extension allows magento store visitors to upload images directly from the product page. Admin can allow only logged in customer or regular visitors to upload if needed for better results. Once the image is uploaded from the f....

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  • Photo Collage

    FME Photo Collage Magento Extension allows your customers to upload an image from their PC, crop it, add a frame and then buy finalized image. Allowed file types are JPG, GIF and PNG. You can enable max. image upload size and fra....

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    Photo Collage

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  • Dimension Tier Pricing

    Dimensions pricing Magento module integrates CSV pricing functionality, tier pricing and many more features on your website. This extension allows you to calculate price of variable sized products such as canvas, liquids, fabric,....

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  • Magento Advance Google Maps Store Locator

    Magento store locator is an advance version of Google Maps Store locator extension, which integrates new features such as store attributes, CSV Import, and separate landing pages for stores. Give your customers instant directions;....

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  • Custom Options Pricing

    Magento Custom Option Pricing Extension provides CSV based customized product options to your customers on the product page that allows them to calculate price according to the length, width, size, or any other measurement unit. T....

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  • Custom Price Magento

    Magento custom price extension allows your customers to bargain online by editing the product price. You can define the min. and max. price for each product, as well as, number of times a customers can edit product price on fronte....

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    Custom Price

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  • Magento Percentage Pricing Extension

    Apply a cost based markup automatically in bulk using the "Cost + Markup" formula. Percentage Pricing is a Magento Cost Price extension that allows you to apply price markup/profit on thousands of products at once. You can add or ....

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  • Magento Box Calculator

    Magento Box Calculator Extension calculates square foot carton and box pricing. Customers will enter the required size in “Square meter”, “Square centi-meter” or “Square foot” as set by admin. T....

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  • User Survey

    User Survey Magento Extension allows you to add survey, poll, questionnaire etc. to any page of your website. Add Interactive and categorized questions...

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    User Survey

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  • Magento Year Make Model Attributes

    Year Make Model Magento Extension allows you to create and manage custom product filters manually or import from CSV. It allows customers to search and filter products by attributes. This “Magento Search Extension” is suitabl....

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  • Copy Categories Magento Extension

    Move / Duplicate category and its sub-categories quickly and easily by using Magento 1.9 copy category extension. The module allows you to duplicate categories with new category name through a search and replace functionality. Ma....

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  • Geo-IP Default Language Currency

    Magento Language & Currency switcher extension switches language and currency of your store, according to the users’ location to give them a personalized shopping experience. It detects IP based location of users with the help o....

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  • Geo-IP Default Store

    Geo IP Magento Store Switcher extension detects users’ location and redirects them to a region-customized store. You can specify products and add countries to a region to ensure shopping convenience for the users of a certain lo....

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  • Geo-IP Ultimate Lock

    FME Magento GEOIP Ultimate Lock extension allows you to secure your website against unwanted traffic from any location. Monitor real-time traffic and block/restrict any IP address instantly. This Block IP module uses Magento Catal....

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  • List View Product Gallery

    Product List View Gallery Magento Extension provides a dynamic view of product images. By moving mouse over the product, slideshow of product images is shown. Only front/back image of product can also be enabled . Furthermore, ea....

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  • Magento Abandond Cart Reminder

    Inform your clients about their pending checkouts through email with Magento Abandoned Cart Email Reminder extension. Configure the extension to send out an automated email to the customer (with discount coupons) reminding them ab....

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  • Magento Add Products To CMS

    Add Products to Magento CMS Extension lets you add products to CMS pages like About us, Contact US etc. By exposing your products this way you get more visitors on more products. This CMS plugin makes your CMS page a great source ....

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  • Bookings and Reservations Magento Extension

    Bookings and Reservations Magento Extension is a solution for hotel managers, event’s organizers, doctors, therapists, travel agents and all those vendors who offer bookable services or products online. Add and configure bookabl....

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  • Event Discount Packages

    Magento Events Discount Extension allows you to create discount packages for any type of events such as New Year, Christmas, Holidays, New arrivals etc. On these events people are looking for discount deals all over the internet. ....

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  • Registry

    Besides bringing more traffic, Magento Gift Registry extension is an ultra smart plugin to manage online registries. It gives your website a beautiful landing page for online registry. Customers can create their own registries for....

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  • Who Viewed This Also Viewed

    This Magento Extension shows mostly viewed products to customers on product pages. This extension tracks customer’s browsing behavior and then based on these statistics, displays mostly viewed products. Products are displayed ....

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  • Featured Product Layout

    Featured Products Layout Magento Extension enables you to market your products more effectively by letting you create and display “Custom Product Display Area Layouts” on product page. These Product Display Area Layouts are fu....

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  • Pricing Calculator

    Square foot / meter Pricing Calculator Magento Extension enables pricing based on length, width, height, area & volume for products such as banners, canvas printing, liquids, barrels, blinds, & flooring etc. Multiple input/output ....

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  • Product Quick View

    Magento Quick View Extension enables your website visitors to quickly view product information in a lightbox rather than jumping to product pages. On this popup window, customers can navigate to next and previous products with the....

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  • Frequently Bought Together

    Frequently Bought Together module displays frequently bought products to customers on product page based on the selected product. It gives exposure to your products and increases conversions. It overrides Magento’s related prod....

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  • Who Bought This Also Bought

    This Magento extension displays suggestions to customers on product page regarding the item they have selected. It shows products that other customers bought when they bought the item currently selected by the customer. These prod....

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  • Previous Next

    Magento Previous Next Product Extension greatly reduces the time consumption & eliminates frustration caused by page reloads, backn-n-forth movement when customers browse for products. Magento prev next buttons now provide a bett....

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    Previous Next

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  • Magento Background Images Extension

    Background Images Magento Extension allows you to place custom background image on home, product , CMS and category pages. Make your site lively with the help of custom background images. This module automatically sets background....

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  • User Profiles Magento

    This extension allows your customers to create a robust user profile in order to comment, review products and communicate with site admin. User Profile Magento Extension supports private and public profiles; it creates a profiles....

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    User Profile

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  • Magento Ajax Add to Cart

    FME Magento AJAX add to cart allows your customers to quickly add, edit and delete products form cart without any page reload. You can display a dialog box for selected time period once users click on add to cart button. Display ....

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  • Additional Registration Attributes

    Magento customer Registration Fields extension allows you to add custom fields to registration and accounts pages. You can set position of fields, restrict by customer groups and show / hide your custom fields on the front end. Th....

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  • Magento Layaway Payments

    Sell more with Magento Layaway Extension where the magento store owners can choose certain products to be on Layaway which can be reserved / paid through installments. So Pay a down payment for book your product and keep paying in....

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  • Paypal Adaptive Payments - Xcommerce

    Magento PayPal Extension uses the Paypal Adaptive Payments API to let you create and manage parallel / chained payments, payment preapprovals, and refunds. Send money peer-to-peer, split payments in both parallel and chained model....

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  • Magento Product Labels Pro

    Highlight your products more powerfully with this brilliant new Magento tool from FME. Create rigorous product label rules and specify conditions with the help of Magento’s default promotion rules’ functionality overridden int....

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  • Invoice Email

    Magento Invoice Email extension creates a separate field on the billing of the checkout as “Invoice Email Address” to acquire the secondary email the customers. This helps you to email transaction copy of the purchase on pri....

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    Invoice Email

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  • Magento Google Maps Store Locator

    Google Maps-Store Locator detects visitors locations, suggests nearest physical stores and gives an option of driving directions to them. Locations are displayed on a Google Map along with a list of stores with details such as con....

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  • Additional Checkout Attributes

    Magento Order Attributes Extension by FME allows you to add custom fields on checkout page. You can add Text Field, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, and Radio Button. Obtain order related information, user prefer....

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  • Magento Events Manager

    Magento Events Manager Extension provides you a comprehensive online events management platform. Sell tickets for events; display them in a user friendly manner by using Image galleries and videos. Our module shows Google maps on ....

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  • Magento Custom Stock Labels

    Magento Custom Stock Status extension allows you to set custom stock statuses which can be images as well. You can create stock rules which will automatically set stock statuses for your products. This Module supports all Magento....

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  • CSV Based Pricing

    CSV Pricing extension provides Magento table based pricing solutions to those store owners who maintains product prices in Excel sheet according to product dimensions, sizes likes length / width and updates prices bulk in single c....

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  • Advance Sitemap & SEO Suite

    FME's Advance Sitemap is mainly developed for SEO purpose and it not only provides an easy and full of options management and creation of Sitemaps but also a unique way with attractive, decorated and eye caching view for the sit....

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  • Magento Jobs Recruitment

    FME Open Jobs Manager is a recruitment extension that allows admin to manage hiring and job postings. This jobs and recruitment module creates a dedicated web page on your website for jobs, where both employers and candidates can....

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  • Link Exchange Directory Pro

    Are you looking for a very cost-effective and efficient strategy for online marketing using Magento? Then FME’s Link Exchange extension does provide you a solution. Link exchange has never been so powerful and easier than what t....

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  • Magento Ajax Catalog Pro

    Magento AJAX scroll extension makes your online store surfing faster by implementing infinite scroll. Our Infinite scroll module allows you to use ‘Show More’ button to load more products or enable auto-appearing through scrol....

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  • M-AJAX Login/Register

    With the FME’s Magento Ajax login / register extension, customers will bypass the default tedious login method. Now they can login through social media profiles e.g. Gmail, Facebook and Twitter while staying on the same page.....

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  • Hot Products

    Hot Products is a free magento extension which lets magento store ownser display selected products with custom title like Hot Products, Best Products etc. Products are displayed in attractive Prototype slider at Top or Bottom of ....

  • Help Desk Professional

    Magento Help Desk Extension is an advance customer support module which is equipped with comprehensive ticketing system. Create departments, email templates and auto responders, custom priorities in numeric or text, see all the t....

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  • N Banner Blocks Magento Extension

    N Banners Blocks Magento 1.9 Extension is useful for adding custom blocks to cms/home/category pages. Blocks can be up to N levels. Banners can also be associated with Blocks by uploading images through multiple image upload facil....

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  • Advance New Products

    Even the best products won’t sell if nobody knows they exist. Communicating the new products to audience requires a very smart strategy to be established. FME’s “Advance New products” extension provides an excellent way of....

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  • Advance Featured Products

    Make the best products you have in your store prominent by FME’s Advance Featured Products extension. It provides extensive configurable modules at the backend for the products you want to make as featured. This extension effect....

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  • GeoIP Country Lock

    FME’s GeoIP Country Lock extension adds a stunning capability of allowing/restricting access to your store based on IP addresses. Block IP addresses or countries either as a single or in a group. Store owners are able to see onl....

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  • One Step Checkout

    One Page Checkout Extension simplifies the lengthy default 6 steps checkout process to only one step, making it user-friendly and quick for users. One Step Checkout is a responsive plugin with AJAX loading feature. Store owners c....

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  • FME Product Testimonials

    Product Testimonials on a website show a history of satisfaction with your business. It is way to convince your website visitors about your products and services' credibility. A few glowing testimonials could lead to several new s....

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  • Color Swatches

    This extension comes with the most striking and requested features. Your customers can now see a picture of your products in different colors, sizes etc. that you are selling to make their selection. It stretches out fascinatin....

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  • FAQ Management

    FAQ Magento extension enables you to create a separate page for FAQs on your website to answer common questions of your customers. You can add unlimited FAQs, which are displayed in accordion style that facilitates users in readin....

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  • FME Home Tabs

    Magento Easy Tabs extension allows you to exhibit products on the home page with the help of tabs. These tabs are helpful in classifying products with respect to recently viewed, most reviewed, top rated, top in WishList, new prod....

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    FME Home Tabs

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  • Advance CMS

    Build & Manage a great looking Web 2.0 style blog with Advance CMS Magento Blog Extension. This CMS module features Comments, ratings, Image gallery, Video player and much more for your blog posts. Create a custom theme for your b....

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    Advance CMS

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  • Advance News

    Advance News extension includes comprehensive news management engine. Show news footage with video, image gallery, featured news section and much more. This Magento News Extension automatically creates news feed for you and it com....

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    Advance News

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  • Magento Product Attachments & File Downloads

    Magento Product attachments extension allows your customers to download files, manuals, audio/ video and other downloads from product pages as well as CMS pages. This file uploader Magento module supports all file types such as PP....

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  • Magento Video Testimonials

    Share the experiences of your existing customers with your website visitors. This product video testimonials Magento extension allows you to display video reviews on product pages as well as on a wall page. Customers can directly ....

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  • Product Videos

    Differentiate your website from the competition by utilizing the power of videos. Display your vision, creativity and put real, breathing representation of your products and services on your website. Add video tutorials, video rev....

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  • Found a lower price? Tell us!

    Pricing is the key factor contributing to your product’s selling and dominating the market. FME’s “Found a lower price? Tell us!” Magento extension allows you to adopt the pricing strategy that will be consistent and cu....

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  • Shop By Manufacturers

    Shop by Manufacturers Magento Extension creates an elegant landing page for manufacturers/brands with customizable heading/sub heading. It includes featured brands slider, view by logo or text, alphabetical listings of brands and ....

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  • Advance FAQ Management

    Magento FAQ extension enables you to create a separate FAQs page to help your customers find detailed answers to their queries. You can categorize the FAQs in various topics, so that users can quickly find relevant . An FAQs block....

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  • Latest Customer Orders

    Latest Customers Orders a free magento extension allows you to show your store visitor the latest order placed by different customers on your website. It displays on the front end that who are the new customers and what they have ....

  • Magento Slider Extension

    Professional Banners is a powerfull and resonsive Magento banner slider extension that helps you to display banners on homepage, category, CMS pages. Magento slider extension allows you to manage your promotional and advertising c....

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  • Category Banners

    Magento category banners extension allows you to add Image slider to your product listing page. You can highlight product offers which are specific to categories. Promote your business offeres with these banners by directing the ....

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  • Media Gallery & Product Videos

    Magento Media Gallery Extension creates a landing page for product and category videos/images, which are presented elegantly in different tabs. You can add videos to product, category, Home and CMS pages from different sources suc....

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  • Photo Gallery & Product Gallery

    Photo Gallery & product Gallery Magento extension is a complete suite that allows you to display images and photos in a gallery on wall page as well as on the product pages. This responsive image gallery module creates a wall pag....

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  • Services Management Magento Extension

    Our Services Magento CMS Page Extension is a smart plugin that creates a landing page for services on your webpage. You can utilize this addon for any type of content. Landing page shows image, short description and a “learn mor....

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    Our Services

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  • Enquiries Management Magento Extension

    Enquiry management Magento feedback extension provides centralized clients’ enquiry management module. Monitor, track and reply to enquiries from Magento instead of emails, phone calls or any separate domain.

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  • Magento FAQ + Product Questions

    Magento Product Questions extension enables you to create a dedicated FAQs page as well as a product questions Tab on every product page. Captcha enabled “Ask a Question” form is added on each product page for quick product in....

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  • Magento Advance Testimonials

    Magento Testimonial Extension collects reviews from your happy customers to make your store a trustworthy shopping place and improve conversions. It helps you display customers’ reviews on various website pages in a customizable....

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  • Press Releases

    Magento Press Release extension enables you to publish news and industry related stories in a professional manner on your business website. Press releases serve you with free advertising of your product and services. Press release....

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  • Advance Articles

    Magento blog extension is a perfect way to build and manage a successful blog on your Magento based website. Equipped with tons of robust features, this articles module allows you to create valuable content, which includes media, ....

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Due to years of experience in Magento custom development, FME has been able to acheive highly standardized pattern of development. FME’s development team is given full exposure to this top eCommerce Shopping cart so that they can take on any challenge and produce Magento Plug-ins for small to enterprise level online stores. Below are some of the most popular modules for Magento by FME