How to Cancel an Order in Magento 2 Backend & Frontend?

How to Cancel an Order in Magento 2 Backend & Frontend?

Orders and their cancellation processes are integral components of e-commerce operations. Effective order management on the part of both administrators and customers can contribute significantly to the success of an e-commerce store.  It impacts customer satisfaction, brand reputation, inventory management, and overall business performance.

Reasons of Order Cancellations

Order cancellations in an e-commerce store can occur for various reasons, initiated by both customers and administrators. Customers can request order cancellation due to price concerns, shipping and payment issues, order duplication, or simply change of mind. Similarly, administrators can initiate order cancellation due to products being out of stock, pricing errors, policy violations or fraud prevention.

Understanding the reasons behind order cancellations is essential for e-commerce businesses to refine their processes, improve product listings, enhance customer service, and develop policies that minimize cancellations while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Order Cancellations in Magento 2 Frontend

As stated above, both administrators and customers may need to initiate an order cancellation and should have the option to do so. However, the default Magento 2 does not allow customers to request an order cancellation. When an order is placed, only the store admin can cancel it, and that's possible only when it is in the "pending" state. You can implement this functionality through a third party Magento 2 Cancel Order by Customer plugin. The plugin allows customers to cancel an order from the frontend. They also have the option to cancel either the entire cart or specific items or cancel orders by statuses.

How to Cancel an Order in the Magento 2 Backend?

Follow the steps below to cancel an order in Magento 2 from the admin panel.
  1. Login to Magento 2 admin panel
  2. Click Sales > Orders on the left menu
  3. Click View in the 'Action' column of any order you want to cancel
Cancel Order in Magento 2

On the next page, click Cancel on the top menu to cancel the order. Note that the Cancel option will only appear if an order is in the Pending state. If it's in the Processing or Closed state meaning if it has been shipped or invoiced, you won't see this option. 

Cancel Order Option in Magento 2 Back end After canceling the order, the status will be changed to 'Canceled'. Order Canceled in Magento 2

That's all you need to do to cancel an order from Magento 2 backend. If you want to allow customers to cancel orders from the frontend, you might want to consider our Magento 2 Cancel Order by Customer extension.