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Top 5 Reasons that Vouch E-Mail Marketing is still in the Business

Top 5 Reasons that Vouch E-Mail Marketing is still in the Business
Internet feeds its users 24/7 and is considered one the greatest inventions of humanity. Since its arrival, the fabric of technology has changed. Internet has given the power of freedom and liberty no government or king could ever give. You can search whichever you like, look up whatever you want and talk to whoever you please.

Email marketing

If any internet user is aware of the term ‘E-mail’ then he must acknowledge its former power to control the revenue of a company alone. Email used to be the king of the hill back in the old days. All the communication used to be channeled through the ‘Email’ until social media started to trend in and email started to lose its weightage on the internet.

Why still email?

Email is a reliable and efficient means of sending your message to someone. It could be as big as a video with detailed content or simply a smiley you wish to send to the recipient. Emailing is undoubtedly still the safest and consistent methods of sending messages even to this day.  

1. Increased Mobile Consumers are Using Emails

New companies eager to hit their debut in the real market start blowing cash on expensive software and invest on useless hardware that burdens the organizations revenues. All of this is not important at all.

Sending the message loud and clear

Emails are still a prevalent way of communication and according to a survey almost 52% of American’s access their emails through mobile devices. That is where mobile email marketing shows up. 3 Out of every 5 marketing oriented emails are accessed on mobile devices hence using overly expensive ways to reach consumers out of station can be negated.

2. It Keeps the Consumers Informed

Email marketing often gives the idea that marketers do it because they have no other option and it’s the last resort to send their offers to the consumers.

Good and bad email marketing

On the contrary, good marketers use email marketing to make sure the consumers and the business owners remain in close ties. A vast majority of people subscribe to their favorite brands to stay connected because they prefer reading the offers on a much presentable platform instead a social media post or a spammy website.

Revenue responsive plans

A survey conducted in the US targeted housewives, particularly moms. They found out more than 59% of US moms prefer subscribing to email offers from their preferred brands, if the offer was interesting with gifts and coupons. Adding short videos with attractive templates along with other knick knacks can also add appeal to the message. It showed in a study conducted in 2013 that filling marketing emails with quality content and videos can raise revenues to as much as 40%.

3. Safe Way to Offer E-coupons and Offers

Consumers often wonder why online shopping is trending when in store shopping saves money. The disparity however, is the use of coupons in modern email marketing tactics. Results from a survey suggest that more than 70% of online shoppers preferred coupons with their email offers and 64% of these shoppers printed the coupons for use.

Rising email marketing trends

This is what sets apart in-store and online shopping in 2015. E-coupons are going viral these days and their expected use is predicted to be doubled in the coming 3 years to almost 1 billion users globally.

Find Bargainers

E-mail marketing is also effective in reaching armchair bargain hunters especially in local domains because the purchase process becomes faster. It is being estimated that nearly 40% of national businesses are employing email marketing strategies for local promotions.

4. Research Based Customization  and Personalization is Possible

Email marketing is highly adaptable with technology and content type. Skilled email marketers take research analysis and in-depth knowledge of products before designing any post or content. A marketing email can vary from a simple offer to an elaborate page of multiple offers and E-coupons along with media and info graphics.

Simple but effective

Minimalism is preferred in such marketing E-mails with maximum meaningful content and zero spammy elements. The best thing about using emails to sell products is almost anything can be personalized in an email from consumer details, unique greeting messages, reminders and hyperlinks for instant contact. Generally, consumers take notice of such details and visit online stores and shops to purchase products. This raises conversion rates as well and helps retailers work better on the email to grasp a larger audience next time. Once a customer visits an online store and makes a purchase, you may send a customized email if you get an email address through Invoice Email Extension by FME. This is a magento email extension that will let you obtain the email address of the customers  which may be used for sending other promotions and offers also.

5. Cheapest Means Possible 

Undoubtedly, the best reason email marketing dominates other marketing methods is it’s budget friendly quality. Being the most inexpensive way of projecting a product or service has always appealed small businesses so they can reach large audiences. Compared to other electronic methods of advertisement such as TV and Radio, email marketing requires no material cost or workforce but delivers almost the same punch. More than 85% of US retailers consider email marketing as the best strategy to deliver company message to the consumer in cheapest means possible. Email is the ultimate cost effective and content friendly source of marketing that needs no borders or sophisticated technology to reach the consumer. If you are a Magento Store owner and offer a number of Products with Varying Dimentions, CSV Table Matrix Based Pricing Extension can help you solve this problem. This is an easy and cheap way of having a single page of products instead of having multiple product pages.

Making the best of Email Marketing

It is true that emailing methods have aged but still remain significantly popular in places where social media marketing and physical marketing tactics are not available or practiced. Since the birth of email, companies have used this medium to make billions from marketing and advertisements. Normally business owners are too occupied to watch over and reply emails sent back from consumers, so to fill this void, marketing professionals are hired, sometimes as teams to manage the company’s marketing campaigns. With today’s competition at its peak, having email promotion incorporated in the marketing plan is imperative.