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Tips on creating effective online shopmart

Tips on creating effective online shopmart

It’s a great idea to start an online shop mart. For each business type, we have created beautiful Magento Themes. Shopmart Magento Theme is an awesome choice to be adapted for your web shop. Guess what! This template is the combination of unique and wonderful design elements not found in many Magento Themes.

Distinguishing features for Magento Themes

The first and foremost modern element is the use of jQuery which is one of the exciting tools for both programmers and site visitors to be used Magento themes. Why would Shopmart Magento Theme be left behind from usage of this tool? JQuery in Magento themes allow programmers to easily use JavaScript methods to make dynamic animations and for viewers it provides awesome browsing experience. Instead of a dull, boring website, visitors will find your store very active, dynamic and cool. JQuery is full of surprises, similarly Shopmart Magento theme does have the tendency to surprise your visitors with its beauty.

Next, if you happened to see the header and footer, you will surely notice the way they are concisely laid out without acquiring much space on the page.  Our designers did very neat and clean home work in bringing out something extraordinary out of box. The horizontal layout of footer is very pleasant; it means that footer links appear in a row and grow in a row as well instead of a column vertically. Neither it is overcrowded nor does it lack any required element. This is also a unique design element to be found in Magento Themes.

Home page is the most important page of any website; Magento Themes come are strongly focused especially for home page in order to eliminate customer’s distraction. Home page of Shopmart Magento theme has lots of elements for this purpose alone. Just like the menu with very effective drop down animation. Below JQuery banners, there is a row of category navigation links. Just like the footer, this section also expands horizontally, not vertically. You might have seen in Magento themes that navigation links are placed in left or right column/section. But this template doesn’t. Sub categories open up in a drop down, so you are assured that it does not take much space on the content page.

The next unique thing in the Shopmart Magento theme is the brilliant product zoomer. Normally this is found on product pages in Magento Themes, but in this template it is present on home page as well. Each product on home page provides zoomed view on mouse over. Another great feature is the presence of Shop by Brands paid Magento extension which comes built in into this theme.  Customers can find brands and use them to filter products on category and product pages.

Product page contains information in separate tabs but not in a typical manner. Typically each tab is navigated from top, but in this template it is performed from the right side. It is no doubt that this template has distinguishing features that carry a lot of weight to boost your web shop. So enjoy using Shopmart Magento Theme for your online shop.