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Previous Next Product Order and Navigation in Magento

Previous Next Magento Extension provides all product information on one page, customers can browse all products within a category without having to move back and forth. It means they will not necessarily have to be on product page to read the details. Hence, customers do not have to move back and forth, bear the frustration of page reloads etc. This extension provides a smart interface where all product information is present and users can navigate to next and previous products easily.

You can customize the type of information such as button's text, image sorting etc. Magento Previous Next extension offers following features:

Features-Magento Previous Next Extension

  • Previous, next and main category buttons  allow your customers to browse different category products without having to visit product page
  • Text and images can be customized for these buttons.
  • You can use image and text for a button, or either one of them. If you do not want text, just use image.
  • Sort the collection feature is included. It means next and previous products will shown based on the sorting algorithm e.g. by name, by id, or by price.
  • Ascending and descending is supported.
  • You can select which part of product name should be used for button text e.g. if you have a product named Lenovo Laptop, you can select either Lenovo should be used or Laptop should be used for button text. Once you select the values, it will be automated.
  • Customer oriented, user friendly
  • 100% open source
  • Multi-Store and multi-language
Find more information and checkout demo on product page. You can also checkout Previous Next magento extension Previous Next on Magento Commerce.