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Magento vs PrestaShop Themes–Who is best?

Magento vs  PrestaShop Themes–Who is best?
Just like Magento community uses different Magento Themes for websites ‘layout, PrestaShop users also have plenty of choices to select perfect template for layout for their site.  Let us first see some comparison below between two of these top shopping carts,
  • Magento’s  solid architecture is more scalable than PrestaShop
  • PrestaShop is easier and simple than Magento such as installation, learning etc. Magento on the other hand is complicated and need expert skills in PHP programming
  • Magento provides more customization power than PrestaShop both in Magento Themes and plugins
  • Magento has higher hosting requirements than PrestaShop e.g. Magento requires dedicated hosting to run fast
  • Magento has dedicated and stronger support services than PrestaShop.
  •  Magento’s software is heavier than Presta
  • Magento offers built in SEO features that no other shopping cart provides
  • Magento can support enterprise business levels easily, Presta is built for small to medium size business
  • Magento provides more features than Presta like multiple shipping, payment gateways, advance search options, coupon management etc.
Let us compare two different templates, one from Magento Themes and other from Presta Themes; both are designed with same idea i-e to host jewelry product or other fancy products.

Online Jewelry Store Magento Theme

Below are the features of this Magento template,
  • Beautiful JQuery Banners on  homepage, a compelling feature in Magento Themes
  • New products in a grid are also shown on home page
  • Two column view provides category navigation in the left column with Accordion
  • Sleek and simple footer
  • Easily noticeable shopping cart view in the header
  • Product Zoomer to view images in detail
  • Cross-Sells, Related products displayed on product page
  • Product details are provided in separate tabs keeping in view clarity
  • Elegant Cart and checkout page that reduces cart abandonments
  • Fast loading
  • Completely customizable
  • Applicable for multiple business fields
  • SEO friendly
  • Satisfies the highest programming and design requirements
  • Step by Step installation guide
Stylish home page of jewelry store magento theme

two column layout magento themescrystal clear jewelry store magento themes page

Now lets see a template from PrestaShop.

Jewelry Store PrestaShop Theme

This theme holds the same idea and that is to highlight glamorously store products. Let us see its features
  • Beautiful banners on home page to highlight promotions, best products etc.
  • Very different style of header
  • Brands slider on each page enables customers to search products by brands
  • Products on Listing page appears in grid view, each product has checkbox beneath it for comparison
  • Left Column highlights Specials, Quick view of the cart, manufacturers, new arrivals and tags
  • Product  zoomer
  • Product description is provided in separate tabs
  • Overall a very nice and clean template
Home page of Jewelry Store theme highlights banners on top
Category Page for Jewelry Store PrestaShop theme
Product page for Jewelry Store PrestaShop Theme
Both templates share some similar characteristics like promotional banners on home page.  As described Magento Themes provide greater flexibility in customization, both offer best art they can and yields excellent results.