Magento Tutorial – Price Calculator Magento Module

 Magento Tutorial – Price Calculator Magento Module

We will be discussing in this post about Magento Modules like Price Calculator Magento Extension that relieves online store owners from the headache of hosting products on website which can be shipped in different sizes and their prices depends on those sizes. Other important thing is that sizes can be in Centi-meters, Meters, Milli-meters, Inches and Feet.  See below examples.

Above products are shipped in different sizes as mentioned in the images. Customers have to specify product attributes such as length, width, height etc during checkout. There aren’t many Magento Modules that provide solution for this problem, But Price Calculator Magento Extension is one of the most effective Magento Modules that not only enables you to calculate pricing for Length, Area and Volume but also allows you to apply automatic discounts based on sizes e.g. 10% discount if the size is above 15 square meters and 50% discount on sizes above 30 square meters etc.

Let us see how we can use this one of the great Configurable Product Price Magento Modules.

The first step is to create custom attributes from the admin panel under product settings.

Once these attributes are created you will then enter these in configuration section under “Enter the label on which rule will apply”.

Next Create min and max keywords, flexibility is the key element which should be present in Magento Modules. These keywords will be used to define price rules in the Price Calculator tab that is automatically created by this extension for each product.  Next Navigate to this tab and create the rule.


This rule defines 10 as minimum size and 45 as maximum product size that customer would have to enter in order to checkout.  According to this rule, two types of discounts are given to customers, 10% on sizes above 15 and 50% on sizes above 30. Units for input and output can also be selected from this tab.  Area can be replaced with Volume, whatever is required.  Another important thing is to mention the price per unit area.  All these options does not complicate things for store owners and still make this one of the very easy to use Magento Modules.

This extension works by multiplying custom attributes such as length and width like if 3 and 6 is entered respectively and input/output units are square meters then3*6 will be 18 square meters. Because 18 is above 15 as per rule so 10% discount will be applied e.g. if the product price is $500 and price per unit area is $10 then 18 * 10 will make 180 which will be added to product base price. Final price will be %680. Important point is that discount will not be applied on $680, but it will be applied on $180.

You can configure from configuration to display base price and discount on product page. Enjoy using this one of the great Magento Modules.