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Magento Product navigation - Previous Next Magento Module

Magento Product navigation - Previous Next Magento Module
 Previous Next Magento module makes magento product navigation for customers on website extremely easy. it reduces time spent on searching products one after another. Time wastage is the very common cause of customers' frustration and is one of the factors why customers step away from your website. These small utilities like Previous next Magento module are developed after careful analyses of customers' shopping behavior. The aim of these tools is to enhance customers satisfaction which ultimately grabs more customers.

How does Previous Next Magento Module works?

 previous next magento module
The Magento module works on product pages. Product page is extremely important place for potential customers because it will either convince him to purchase your products or will either distract him. Giving good impression to customers here will be a fruitful choice. You can see in the above image 3 icons that are placed on top of the product. These icons are for next, previous and category.
Clicking on next will load next product from the same category e.g. if your customer clicks on trousers category and select product A, then clicking on next will load product B from trousers category. An icon in centre will take back to the main category. Previous Next Magento Module gives convenient configuration options such as below,
  •  Customizable images for previous, next, category icons, you have the option to enable images and use only text
  •  Customizabe text for previous, next, category icons. You can also limit the amount of text that should appear with icons
  •  Sorting can be applied on product by ID, name and price
  •  Easy to use backend options
  •  Easy to install and manage
  •  Previous Next Magento Module is highly efficient magento module developed to attract clients with the help of better customer service.
magento product navigation
Sorting in Previous Next Magento Module is very interesting. You are given full freedom in a sense that you can bypass default magento product navigation and select your own mechanism such as  loading next products which are sorted by price in either ascending or descending order. Similarly you can select to sort and display products by ID or Name. Previous Next Magento Module is a wondeful utility that serves a great customers satisfaction purpose. You get more clients and increase in business, more happier you are and will forget about few dollars spent on this wonderful utility.