OtherSeptember 28, 2012

Importance of Sitemap for Magento Stores

Importance of Sitemap for Magento Stores

Google sitemap is your entry step to get your SERPS better. Sitemap directs Google where to go, what to crawl, what is important and. I am not denying the fact that people don’t know about the sitemap and its advantages but they don’t know how to get maximum utilization out of Google sitemaps. Sitemap is not only generating one and submitting it in your webmaster tools, it’s a whole different story than this.

On-page is as important as off-page but we usually do on-page first because without giving meta titles, description and keywords we cannot start putting anchor text in back links. In-case if you are done with Meta stuff already and you didn’t submit the sitemap still you won’t get maximum exposure out of your sitemap.

Magento online store owners are usually selling something on their store and they want users and people to know about their product because brand awareness is first step towards selling something and in today’s time there is nothing better then Google to spread awareness. In Google searches no one goes for second and third pages so that means you have to be on the first page and to be on the first page you should not miss the important points of sitemaps submissions.

First of all you cannot generate a perfect magento sitemap manually you must have an up to the mark extensions to do so. Magento sitemaps should be perfect, Priority should be set, frequency should be set, label and title of sitemap must be set, can be made through different extensions and one of the top magento sitemap extension is Advance Sitemap & SEO Suite Magento Module.

This magento module lives up to your expectation and fulfills all your requirements. It facilitates you and gives you a perfect sitemap including every category and product page with user friendly priority setting options.

Follow Google guidelines to get your store better SERPS and increase your sales and let us know if we can help you regarding Custom Magento Development, Magento Themes, Magento Modules or other Magento Services.