How to Customize Magento Product Display Area – Featured Products

How to Customize Magento Product Display Area – Featured Products

Featured Product Layout Magento Extension provides the ability to create whole new layout for product display area on product page with custom CSS, images and design. Product page is a place where customers search out for detailed information. It indicates their interest in that product so this place can be utilized for marketing purpose. Magento Store owners use different Magento Extensions on this page such as Who Bought This Also Bought, Who Viewed This Also Viewed etc. to push their products in the sight of customers.

The concept behind Featured Product Layout Magento Extension is to combine the benefits of making a product featured so as to give it more importance and value, and the benefits of multiple page layout feature in Magento. Featured products are used mostly on home pages because 90% of the website traffic comes directly on home page. Due to this fact all promotions, new and best products are featured on home page. On the other hand Magento page layouts create different structures of web page according to the requirements of store owner e.g. 1 Column Layout, 2 Columns Layout, 2 Columns Right Bar and 3 Columns Layout etc.

In Magento a web page can be divided into three columns, left centre and right. Central column contains main content whereas left and right columns are used for layered navigation, banners, promotions or other tools like as mentioned above. Suppose you need all of these then you can easily set layout of your page to three columns. This extension provides you all these possibilities for the product display area.

Below are the features of this extension:

  • Customizable layouts such as 1 Column Left, 1 Column Right, 2 Columns Left and 2 Columns Right. Each layout can be attached with multiple products.
  • Whole product display area can be configured with Custom CSS. This feature is provided with this extension
  • Upload featured image which can be enabled and disabled.  In case it is enabled default product image will not be shown and vice versa.
  • Uploaded custom image for product display area.
  • This Extension works on multi stores.

In the next post we will write a tutorial on this Magento Extension along with its technical features.