FAQ Management - Magento Module

FAQ Management - Magento Module

One of the most important factor affecting sales is the after sales support provided to customers. Before selecting any brand, customers lay their trust and decision on this very same factor. Therefore it is vital to focus on customer services perspective of your businesses whether it is telephonic or related to your website section. Today we will see how we can make any site as more effective tool for Customers’ Services to leave lasting effects on customers and build your brand.

One of the major tools is frequently asked questions on your site which enables you to achieve these goals effectively. Do not neglect their importance as they serve to provide more than beneficial information to your customers about your products. This is a kind of strategy that does not require any special budget that you need to spend on marketing and promotions, launching public relation campaigns to build brand awareness. You just need to have a well designed FAQ page on your site that can provide following major features:

1)      Present information that is required by customers. FAQ should not be just a list of dozens of questions. But these should be relevant and provide information which will help customers resolve their queries instead of getting them bored and leave your site.

2)      Categorizing FAQs:  Like the way you would not want to display hundreds of products on one page of your site, instead you would like to categorize them such as new product, featured products etc. Similarly Categorizing FAQs will greatly increase visibility of required information to customers e.g. you can create separate FAQ sections such as Sales FAQ, Product FAQ, Support FAQ or by topics

3)      Clear and easy to read: The information should be clear enough to read and navigate and should not be complicated. Language usage should be easy.

4)      Search Facility: This service as a key factor in reducing time consumption. Customers will be able to quickly find their desired information and instead of flying around just FAQ section, customers can more productively utilize your web

5)      Frequently searched questions on top: This is another feature that increases your site’s productivity and customers’ time spent on your FAQ pages.

6)      FAQs rating:  This factor allows you to measure how well the FAQ information is displayed across the page, capture users’ feedback and what measures are needed to be taken to make more enhancements.

7)      FAQ Presentation: To give you an example Accordion style is much better option to use instead of simple list of FAQs. Accordion keeps all the information contracted. Customers can click on any specific question to expand and view its details.

8)      SEO Friendly URLs for FAQ pages: This feature will allow global search for your products in search engines. Top eCommerce platforms such as Magento eCommerce Platform have this feature already built-in

9)       Sorting Features:  Customers can easily sort FAQs by any attribute

 These are some of the best features that any FAQ page can offer to increase its visibility, your business’ brand awareness and hence increase sales.  Luckily if you are using any eCommerce platform such as Magento, you have plenty of tools such as Advance FAQ Management Magento extension that covers more than above mentioned features. Benefits of using these plugins are that they are plug and play. You do not need develop at your own.  Furthermore they provide flexible backend module through which any functionality can be enabled or disabled at any time. It gives control into your hand and allows you to make use of their features according to your choice.