OtherNovember 20, 2012

Enhance Customers Shopping Experience with AJAX Quick View

Enhance Customers Shopping Experience with AJAX Quick View

AJAX Quick View Magento Extension offers quick view feature for eCommerce websites which is a great tool for customers as it gives them comfortable browsing and saves their time. How does this happen? It does so with the help of AJAX, so now your site visitors do not have to leave even your home page to view product details. Product details are shown on lightbox whenever customer clicks on “Quick View” icon overlayed on product image.

This extension can be enabled on any page of your website which will allow customers to view all of its products on one lightbox instead of navigating to different pages. It is all possible because lightbox contains next and previous buttons for product navigation. AJAX Quick View Magento Extension enables easy to manage administration module with following features.

Backend Features:

  • A button is placed on Product images with custom label. Visitors can click on it to view product details on a lightbox.
  • The background color of product image when site visitor moves his mouse over it can be customized easily. Different colors for background can be selected. This feature can be disabled in case it is not required.
  • Custom AJAX progress image can be used. You can upload it from the admin panel
  • Lightbox dimensions can be customized such as height and width
  • You can select what information is shown on lightbox such as product reviews, short description, Add to Cart/Wishlist links, Next and Previous buttons. Product image on lightbox can also be customized.

AJAX Quick View Magento Extension eliminates page reloads which are caused when customers move to different pages to view different products. You might think that if customers are able to view product detail on one place in a lightbox how will they add them to cart? That is a valid question but this extension provides solution for it. You can add products to cart or wishlist right from the product detail popup. Most of the information that is required to convert a visitor to customer is provided on this popup. Your customers can enjoy browsing your site more conveniently as compared to your competitors. SO hurry up and get your site a boost with a Christmas discount which no body has taken yet!