ECommerce Trends And Statistics [Infographic]

ECommerce Trends And Statistics [Infographic]

Consumers have voted and some interesting statistics have been introduced regarding the evolving trends of ecommerce stores nowadays. According to the survey potential customers get cold feet just before making a purchase because it’s either a new account required, hidden shipping cost, payment security concerns and sometimes even fail to find coupon codes which results in cart abandonment. It was also confirmed that there is a 54% chance that items customer keep in their carts will get purchased when later introduced with a much discounted rate to the same consumer.

Similarly, 55% consumers preferred the reliance or reviews and feedback over the actual specification of the product and 24% would keep purchasing till they qualify for free shipping.

In social media trends Facebook has dominated majority marketing spectrums from consumer influence to conversion rates. Consumers claimed that their purchase decisions were fueled from social media and 53% affirm that Facebook informed them about the products they later purchased. Facebook also tops the highest conversion rate debate with almost 1.85% of traffic into buyers. To reflect how important social media is to the day to day buyer, 80% of consumers asserted that less introduction of products on social media meant less purchases.

ECommerce Trends and Statistics

Infographic by - FME Extensions  

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Why Visitors Abandon Shopping Cart

Reasons Percentage
Unexpected Shipping Cost 28
Had To Create a New User Account 23
Conduction Research 16
Payment Security Concerns 13
Complex Checkout 12
No Discount Coupon 8

Percentage Breakdown Of Buyer Who Will Purchase More To Become Eligible For Free Shipping

Surely Buy More 24
Probably Buy More 46
Doesn’t Matter 30

Percentage Breakdown Of Buyer Considering Reviews Important While Buying

Very Important 55
Not Important 22
Indifferent 23

Conversion Rate Of Different Social Networks


Social Networks Percentage
Facebook 1.85
Vimeo 1.16
Youtube 1.16
Instagram 1.08
Google+ 0.96
Twitter 0.77
Pinterest 0.54
Linkedin 0.47