Customer Registration Extension Released

FMEExtensions has released new extension for custom registration attributes. This Magento Custom Registration fields extension allows you to place several input/output fields on registration/accounts page of customers. Following are several fields supported by this customer attributes module.

  • File, Image
  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Date
  • Message Only
  • Drop Down
  • Multiple Select
  • Yes/No
  • Radio and check box fields

These custom form fields allow you to obtain valuable information from your customers which can be a feedback, suggestions etc. You can also display certain information such as promotions, discount codes etc. You have a variety of controls to add on customers registration and accounts pages.

Key Features - Magento Customer Registration fields

  • Add unlimited input/output fields on customer registration and accounts page.
  • Supports File, Image, Text Field, Text Area, Date, Message Only, Drop Down, Multiple Select, Yes/No, Radio and check box fields.
  • Display custom messages on customer registration and accounts page.
  • Enable fields validation
  • Set position of registration attributes as required.
  • Make fields mandatory or optional.
  • Ability to display customer fields either on registration page or on accounts page.
  • Make fields editable by customers.
  • Attributes can be assigned to specific stores.
  • Attributes can be assigned to specific customer groups.
  • Customizable labels
  • Customers can manage these fields in their accounts.

Learn how this Magento Customer Registration fields extension works here.