Creating a Charm in your Website

Creating a Charm in your Website

Each one of us has many desires. We are attracted by number of things that stimulate these desires. The most profounding is the “Charm” that is inherent in those items that is the cause of attraction. In our daily lives we like to dress up that is charming, we like to eat and drink with charm and do everything likewise. The end result is that everything that needs to exhibit itself effectively and attract others should have charm in it which may be in terms of colors, taste, nature or any other form.

Essential part of this discussion is what our topic says and that is having a charming website such as Online Store Magento template which can attract customers? As discussed above, by nature people are caught by the glamour and charm. Having a charming website starts with the perfect cool template fitting to your site. Simply call it a perfect design.  To give you an example suppose if you are looking to buy a house, you find some homes that have messed up structure, you find shabby and cracked paint, doors and windows and other such things. Would you even be attracted by then?

Similarly a website with such broken and shabby design won’t attract any customer. Following are the top charming features for any website to have,

  • a)      jQuery banners
  • b)      Products slider for highlighting new, featured, best selling products
  • c)       Navigation Menus
  • d)      Product tabs
  • e)      Search bar
  • f)       Left Navigation
  • g)      Social Sharing
  • h)      Newsletter signup
  • i)        Blogs
  • j)        Optimized images
  • k)      Product Zoomer

These features are mostly found in templates developed in any eCommerce Platform like Magento.  But it does not mean that these cannot be incorporated into simple templates. Online Store Magento theme is a perfect example of a charming website template.

It holds most of these great features with quick loading time, SEO optimization and it serves multipurpose businesses. Having such template that can fit to any business perspective is a great choice to have because most of the templates in any eCommerce platform such as Magento Templates are built according to the products that will be hosted. As mentioned above this template holds key elements that puts charm in your site and hence attract customers. If you are developing your own theme, you can develop or find Magento Plugins for these features which can be integrated into your theme to build a charming site.