How to Create & Manage Magento 2 Customer Groups

How to Create & Manage Magento 2 Customer Groups
Magento 2 Customer Groups is great tool that gives you the ability to offer your customer different incentives on pricing and promotion based on their grouping. You can also restrict your products so only selected group of customers can see and purchase them. This tutorial will help you in creating your own customer groups in Magento from the back end of your website.

Add New Customer

Access your back office and navigate to Customer>All Customers to manually add new customer to your Magento 2 store. Magento2-create-customer-groups-1   Once you are there you will see a list of all the customers on your website. On the top right corner of the page click on the Add New Customer button. Magento2-create-customer-groups-2   Use Account Information tab to add the customer details in the respective fields. Magento2-create-customer-groups-3   In the Addresses tab, billing and shipping addresses can be added for the customer. Magento2-create-customer-groups-4

Add New Customer Group

Now to create Magento 2 Customer Groups you have to access the Stores > Customer Groups section all the customers added in groups will be shown along with their tax IDs on the grid. Magento2-create-customer-groups-5   Click on the Add New Customer Group button to create a new group. Magento2-create-customer-groups-6   To create this group, Name the group and assign a Tax Class for it and then click on the Save Customer Group button to accept changes.

Magento2-create-customer-groups-7Assigning Customers to Customer Groups

The customer added will be assigned to the following default Magento Customer Groups:
  • General
  • Retailer
  • Wholesale
But you can also create an additional Customer Group as well. You can select the customer as shown in the image below. Magento2-create-customer-groups-8To assign customer to a group, Click the Actions drop-down menu and click on Assign a Customer Group Magento2-create-customer-groups-9You will see the available groups like General, Wholesale, Retailer. Select any one of them and your customer will be assigned to the group. Magento2-create-customer-groups-10Through this easy tutorial, you can now add as many customers to specified Magento customer groups.