OtherFebruary 11, 2013

Bookings and Reservations – Magento Extension

Bookings and Reservations – Magento Extension

People looking to make a reservation won’t even bother to pick up the phone and get one because E-Commerce has made them to do so. Online shopping trends have increased like anything in past couple of years and getting “online Bookings” is also one of the growing trends. your hotels, travel agencies, spa, saloons, photography department, medical professions and others need to be highly advanced to meet all Ecommerce challenges and most important factor is having an extra ordinary online bookings and reservations system.

FME comes up with a module for all E-stores offering services online including doctors, therapists, travel agents, spa owners and others. Module is named as Bookings and Reservation Magento Module. This module will treat your clients as a highly professional staff serving people 24/7. Easy online booking and reservation system can increase your clients and there will be more conversation which is good for the sake of business.

Lets have a look at How it Works for different professions.

  • It allows clients to easily book hotel rooms with couple of clicks in desired dates and their budget range.
  • Booking and reservations allows store owners to set booking tier prices for hotel room such as 100 $ for 12 hours, 199$ for a day and so on so people can pick one they desire and book the room online.
  • Buffer time can be set for 20 – 30 minutes in case maintenance. Buffer time means that a room is available but requires cleaning and service.

Travel Agents

  • Travel agents can use this Magento module to increase their online reservation.
  • This module will help their clients to book flight online easily for their desired dates and destination.
  • Travel agents can set their prices for different destinations with different airlines. That would be easy for passenger to choose suitable package.

Doctors, Therapists, Spa and Others

  • Module allows you to add doctors, therapists and spa specialists in the data base so buyer can set an appointment with favorite staff member.
  • Clients can book anytime 24/7 and you will be notified through an email regarding all queries and bookings.

Booking and Reservation module is very easily and 100% configurable. It allows you to control all the bookings made online just check out FME’s Booking and Reservation Online Magento Extension.