OtherNovember 26, 2012

3 Ways to Increase Your Traffic

3 Ways to Increase Your Traffic

There is no need to talk about scope of blogging and social media because in this era almost everyone is aware of it. There are thousands of bloggers and social media experts out there in world but few of them are successful and rest of others are finding paths to get successful to earn some good bucks.  Everyone is familiar about this stuff but only few know how to do it in right direction and that is the only reason they earn good money at the end of the day.

If you really have an urge to learn that how to do these things right then.

Here We GO

Backlinking Strategy

First and most important point is that do not go after building loads of backlinks to your website/blog.  Most of the SEOs will disagree to my statement but according to my own experience you just have to go after quality backlinks from exact niche. Make sure you have a clear concept of Link/Anchor Diversity before you do Quality Link Building for your website. Do not get crazy about .edu links and most importantly, do not pay for links. Give more energy to your Guest posting section and Local Listings Section and yeah do not forget to Audit your On-Page factors

Quality Content

Let’s rephrase the word quality content, quality content does not mean to use extra ordinary grammar and vocabulary or using tough English language to impress your reader with your command over Language. No one cares about your English even it is user or search engine. Quality content means you are giving reader more than his expectations, no matter if it’s written in plain English.  You content is relevant to your niche, it’s researched and it is providing some useful and unique information which one cannot find in any other blog or website.

Social Media Strategy

Do not go after methods which claim to get you thousands of subscribers overnight for your YouTube channel, LinkedIn profiles, or fans for FaceBook pages.   In short do not buy followers, subscribers or fans because there are as good as garbage and you have to trust me on that I have been through all this. Go after right audience. Target them and impress them with your offers, features of your products and your pricing strategy. Social Media is free but it takes some time to build up a good pipeline. Give your 1, 2 hour daily to get targeted fans, subscribers and followers for your Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and other pages.

Follow these strategies and they will surely bring more traffic to your online stores, websites and blogs and more traffic = more sales.