Increase Christmas Sales Checklist

Special occasions like Halloween , Easter, Christmas are the most fruitful days for merchants since most of the people are looking to buy gifts for their loved ones. The enjoyment and festivity is all around sprinkling happiness. To be honest, for merchants happiness is all the matter of as many order as can be received. But it can not be achieved without doing some efforts which we will list down here. Now we have Christmas ahead of us, just few weeks left, are we fully prepared to get paid heavily and increase Christmas sales by implementing effective sales strategy on our website?

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Here are some steps we are listing which will most definitely increase Christmas sales by 100% for you,

  • SEO for Christmas, yes it is the most important point to start for your online business. Start adding Christmas related meta titles, description and keywords on your site and product pages e.g. “iPhone pouches Christmas sale”. Do a research as to what customers are looking for especially in Christmas days.
  • Make changings to your site layout such as new banners, images especially on home page. Images are the most important factor of any marketing strategy, Put discount labels on products for Christmas offers
  • Make appropriate changes to content on your website inserting Christmas related keywords. Call to action should be placed on preferably each page
  • Create landing pages for Christmas offers by targeting Christmas keywords. Your landing pages should be optimized with those keywords. Try to get maximum backlinks from Christmas related keywords
  • Offer free gifts like free shipping, Christmas discounts, sales etc and highlight them on each page of your site.
  • Promote your hot products especially on product pages, use Magento Cross Sell Products Extension in case you are using Magento as your eCommerce platform. This will allow customers to find more related products on your website hence your site bounce rate will be improved greatly and more customers will spend more time on your site
  • Advertise your offers through Press releases, Newsletters, email marketing, Article submission, Blogs, Magazines etc.
  • Not only for special occasion make sure that your site is always easy to use specially checkout process, you can use Magento Quick Checkout extension to simplify the checkout process
  • Incorporate social media sharing effectively on your site so that customers can share and get feedback from their community. Also use Breadcrumbs and effective navigation strategy
  • Offer rewards and loyalty points to customers. Capture contact information of customers who abandoned carts and contact them addressing any concern and providing promos.

The more you put efforts into all of these the more profitable results you will get. These increase Christmas sales ideas are practically proven, so don't waste your time and get started now or contact us to get it done for you.