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Service Description

Magento theme installation can really be a hard nut to crack. FME’s development team is here to pull this burden off your shoulders with its expertise in themes installation. Our expert developers sharply follow standard procedures to avoid any undesired impact during and after installation so you get your theme perfectly in-place quickly.

Please note: Magento Theme Installation Service is not performed on weekends. Any order placed on Friday is most likely to be catered on the coming Monday.

FME offers the following services for Magento Themes Installation:

  • Magento Theme Installation
  • Testing its functionality
  • Filling it with test data (products, rules etc.)

To proceed with our Magento Theme Installation service we need:

  • FTP (and SSH) access to your server (including your host or IP address, username and the password)
  • Access to your server control panel or database manager to setup a MySQL database (MySQL database username, MySQL database password and MySQL database name)
  • Access to your Magento administration panel (login and password)

FME’s Installation services do NOT include:

  • Configuration with any Magento Extensions already installed
  • Any Customizations
  • Filling in live data, products, rules or what is applicable for the extension(s)
  • Magento Re-Installation or Magento Upgrades
  • Configuring your store

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