Percentage Pricing (1.1) 

Apply price markup automatically on bulk quantity of products by using “Cost + Markup” formula. Create advance rules to target specific customer groups; price markup is applicable in percentage or fixed amount. Catalog Price rules enable admin to apply cost based pricing on selective categories and products by using attributes such as SKU, ID etc.

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This Magento Cost Based Pricing Extension automatically updates bulk prices for products based on “Cost + Markup” formula. Default Product price is ignored and new price is used for checkout, invoice and order details. This module allows admin to create product price rules. These rules define price markup as set by admin in percentage or fixed amount. These Magento price markup rules are applicable on individual categories and products. Rules can be applied on products by using filters such as SKU, ID, and color etc. Now, store owners do not have to manually add markup or update configurable product price for hundreds of products, this plugin automatically performs this operation.

Percentage Pricing extension supports customer groups i-e. only specific customer groups can be shown “Cost + Markup” pricing.

Key Features

  • Performs automatic Bulk price update
  • Product Price Markup in percentage or fixed amount is supported
  • Customer groups are supported, different prices for different customer groups can be set
  • Creat rules by using catalog price rules with hybrid conditions, to apply markup automatically
  • Advance rules & conditions enable admin to apply cost based pricing on selective categories and product
  • Multiple rules can be assigned with priorities

Magento Module General Features

  • 100% OpenSource
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Install Guide with Easy to follow steps
  • User Guide to help you utilize and understand the extension
  • Lifetime Support Free Support

Learn more about Percentage pricing Magento Extension on DEMO.

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How it works – Percentage Pricing

In order to use this plugin, you need to create Magento automatic price update rules. Login to admin panel and click on Percentage Pricing in the menu, follow below mentioned steps.

Create and Manage Rules

  • Enter description and title for the Magento product price rules. Enter priority that is applicable in case of multiple rules applied on same category, products or customer groups. From the description tab select desired store and customer group for which this rule is intended to.
  • Action tab on the left column allows you to select Magento price markup in percentage or in fixed amount. Enter markup value as required.
  • Configure rules with conditions as required, apply percentage pricing on categories and products by using attributes

Once you have defined rules, you will need to enable products that will use cost based pricing. This can be done from product settings. A new tab for this purpose is created in the left column from where you will enable it.

And that is all you need to use this plugin. If you have any questions please read our FAQ section or talk to our support representative.


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