Layaway Payments (1.3) 

Layaway Magento Extension allows you to sell products on installment bases. You can create different payment plans, charge layaway service fee and do much more. Customers can view all the details regarding their installments in their accounts. This Magento Recurring and Partial Payments Extension caters to the choice of millions of people who like to buy in installments, which ultimately increase your sales.



1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8


1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13


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By using Layaway Magento Recurring Payments extension your customers will be able to make online payments in installments. This module allows you to setup different payment options for your customers. In general, you can charge layaway service fee, define number of installments, max duration etc. Customers can track their installments from their accounts, they can also pay the installment amount from their accounts..

Features - Magento Recurring Payments

  • You can enable and define service charges for layaway
  • Create different payment plans, setup upfront payment as required, define total number of installments, their duration in days, weeks and months.
  • You can enable layaway payment options either for all products or just for a specific one.
  • With this Discount Module enjoy special features in the configuration. Create discount rules and offer your customers discount incentives.
  • A customizable message is shown on product page with a drop down enabling customers to select Layaway payment option for checkout. A configurable tooltip informs customers about Magento Recurring Payments
  • Supports several payment options such as CC/Debit card, bank transfer, check etc.
  • Layaway orders information is available to customers in their accounts. Installment amount can be paid by customers from their accounts.
  • For admin, detailed “Layaway Orders” information is provided in a separate section on backend.

By giving Layaway options to customers, you are ultimately increasing your sales. Click on demo to see all features live.


How it works

Front End:

Customers will find an option to place order with layaway payment options on product page. On product page they will view. There is a message with drop down field “Yes/No”. They will select “Yes” to place their order in installments.

Users are able to view their layaway orders from their accounts. They can also pay installments from within their accounts.

Back End:

This extension comes with the following sections at the backend which allows you to perform several configuration tasks;

Layaway Orders:

This section allows you to view any order placed by customers with the layaway payment option. You can view the details of any order and enter the payment manually. This will send the email confirmation to user.


Manage Layaway Orders:

  • Select “Yes” to enable layaway for all products otherwise select “No” and configure layaway settings individually for each product from within its settings. Visit Catalog -> Manage products from the admin panel, open up any product where you will find a new tab named as “Layaway”. Click on it to configure these settings.
  • Add a label on product page such as “Do you want to purchase it on Layaway? “ This text can be customized, you can also add custom tooltip message.
  • Select your desired payment methods.

Configure Installment settings:

  • Set layaway charges, these are the service charges that you can set based on your choice. Enter any amount such as 10, 20 etc.
  • Enter initial payment amount, this is the first installment when customer places an order.
  • Define maximum number of installments with their time duration.


I need to take advance bookings for certain products and they cost quite a lot so i have to take a certain percentage of the product price so i can order from different Wholesale vendors. Layaway payments made it possible for me.

Partial Deposits Made Simple


A much needed module. Was able to set up partial deposits on my magento store in no time. And with the help of super support it made it all better.

Simple yet effective


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