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GeoIP Magento currency switcher Extension automatically assigns pre-defined regional settings for visitors as set by admin such as default store view, language and currency. A prompt box is shown to all visitors which asks for confirmation to set these regional settings. Customers can manually switch to any other language and currency. Please click on demo to learn more about the features.

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GeoIP Magento currency switcher and store language redirector extension automatically applies relevant language & currency for visitors based on their location, when they visit your website. This 'language switch' plugin uses Maxmind’s Geolocation database to automatically track visitors IPs. Using this information it can assign them pre-defined language & currency. For example a customer from China will browse your website in Chinese language and currency whereas USA citizens will still view your website in English. This Magento Currency Selector functionality makes your customers feel valued and comfortable.

A popup window is displayed at the footer to all users when they arrive at website. This popup asks for permission to set pre-defined regional settings for visitors i-e. language and currency. They can either ignore or continue with pre-defined settings. GeoIP currency and store view language selector module allows visitors to manually change their regional settings. For this purpose a link in the footer is provided by clicking on which a popup window opens up listing all available languages and currencies.

Admin can create unlimited access control lists/user groups, assign each ACL/user group to specific region or country. IP exceptions and exclusions are supported in this Country Selector plugin.

Key Features - Magento currency and Language switcher

  • Works as auto currency switcher with the help of visitors IPs.
  • This currency extension uses Maxmind’s database for tracking visitors location
  • A confirmation prompt box is displayed to all visitors for currency & regional settings.
  • Text can be customized on this prompt box
  • A link in the footer is provided by which users can manually change store and language.
  • Different access control lists can be created and applied on stores
  • IP exclusions and exceptions are supported in this country switcher module

Learn more about GeoIP Default Language and Currency Magento extension on Demo, for any inquiry, please visit product FAQs.

Magento Module General Features

  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible
  • Responsive
  • 100% OpenSource
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Install Guide with Easy to follow steps
  • User Guide to help you utilize and understand the extension
  • Lifetime Support Free Support

How it works

Its very easy to configure GeoIP default Language and Currency Magento Extension. Before setting up this plugin, make sure you have already created different stores for different languages.

Managing ACLs/Regions

Access control lists allow you to create geo targeted user groups. Login to admin panel and navigate to FME -> Geoip Default Language -> Manage Groups. Configure following settings;

Group Information

  • Add label for this ACL, enter priority number for its execution
  • Select the language and currency this group is attached to
  • Add exceptions, these are IPs which are excluded from this ACL/user group
  • Enable this group and add general description

Add Country to Group

  • Before using this section make sure that you have up to date Maxmind country database imported. Select a region or country for this group. Users from this region/country will be redirected to configured store.

Import Maxmind Country Database

Navigate to FME -> GeoIP Default Language -> Import and follow the instructions as mentioned.


  • Enable or disable this extension
  • Add prompt box text

And that is all it takes to redirect your traffic to appropriate store. Please see product FAQ for any question or talk to us now!

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    • HI. I run a global sharing platform. I'd liked to translate language in my website to Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Is it possible to translate English to any other languages by this extension ?
      In magento you have to provide locale files for each language you want the content to translate to. Our extension just assign the store and currency for frontend according to visitor IP. By store i mean, store views which you can use for language and each store can have its locale files (language files).


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