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Service Description

If you have an online Magento store, you would certainly require Magento extensions because they give full control over each and every aspect of online eCommerce store like functionality improvement, help desk and support services, and performance improvement etc. Incorporating these extensions within your online store sometimes require great deal of expertise to make sure that installed extension fits perfectly and does not disturb any other design or functionality. Our highly trained and professional Magento “Installation Works” team makes all this happen perfectly.

Our experienced team takes into account each and every step while installing the extension. Normally it takes up to maximum of 2 business days to install our Magento Extension if there are no technical issues.

The service Includes:

  • Extensions installation
  • Functionality testing with test data (Products, rules and everything that is applicable for the extension(s))

The service does NOT include:

  • Import/Export, configuring with live data, products, rules and all that is applicable for the extension(s)
  • Re-installation or upgrades
  • Configuration of your store
  • Configuration of the Extension
  • Adjustment of the extension’s display to fit your store
  • Any customizations

To proceed with the installation of our products we need:

  • FTP (and SSH) access to your server (including your host or IP address, username and password)
  • Access to your server control panel or database manager to set up MySQL database (MySQL database username, MySQL database password, MySQL database name)
  • Access to you Magento administration panel (login and password)

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