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Magento customer registration fields extension allows you to add new fields to registration as well as accounts pages of customers to collect different types of data that can be used to provide better user experience, collect user survey data, and many other business objectives. Following custom input/output attributes are supported; File, Image, Text Field, Text Area, Date, Message Only, Drop Down, Multiple Select, Yes/No, Radio and check box.

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Magento customer attributes module allows you to add custom fields on customer registration and accounts page. It supports following custom input/output attributes;

  • File
  • Image
  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Date
  • Message Only
  • Drop Down
  • Multiple Select
  • Yes/No
  • Radio and check box fields

File and Image fields on registration page allow customers to upload different data such as files, images, and avatar. Data obtained in this manner serves different useful purposes like enhancing user experience, implementing user suggestions and many more.

A block called ‘Fieldset’ shows all the custom fields in an elegant manner on the Front-end; you can customize its label. On the other hand, customers can view and manage custom attributes from their accounts. Admin can manage customer registration attributes from the backend very easily in a grid. Following are the features included in this Magento custom customer attributes plugin.

Key Features – Magento Custom Registration Fields

  • Add unlimited fields on customers’ registration and accounts pages.
  • Supported fields are File, Image, Text Field, Text Area, Date, Message Only, Drop Down, Multiple Select, Yes/No, Radio and check box fields.
  • Display custom messages on registration and account pages.
  • You are able to set the position of these Magento form fields.
  • Set default values for checkbox, radio, select and drop down fields.
  • Customers and admin can both manage attributes values.
  • Supports Validation for input fields.
  • Hide the customer field feature is included.
  • Make input fields mandatory or optional.
  • Restrict editing the customers’ field.
  • Multi store supported, add customer fields in a desired store view.
  • Supports customer groups
  • Allows you to obtain additional information from customers and better stream line customers browsing experience.
  • All attributes information is shown in a grid on the backend.
  • Information from Magento registration fields is available at the backend in customers section.

How It Works – Magento Customer Registration Attributes

This Magento extension allows you to add custom fields on customer registration and account page. These attributes are visible on the frontend in a fieldset. Find more details below.

Field-set for Customer Attributes

The first thing you need to configure is to set label for customer attributes fieldset. The fieldset is the label of the block that holds custom attributes on registration and account page. Login to admin panel and click on FMEExtensions -> Customer Attributes -> Settings. Now enter the label as per your choice.

Manage Fields

Login to admin panel and click on FMEExtensions -> Customer Attributes -> Manage fields. From this section you can add custom fields on registration and account page. Following are the details of each field.

  • Input Type: Select the desired input type from the drop down.
  • Use the ‘Position’ field to sort different attributes.
  • Default Image: Enter the default image URL.
  • File Size: Enter the size of the file that is allowable.
  • Supported File Types: Enter file types that are supported e.g., jpg,png,jpeg etc.
  • Image Dimensions: Enter the default image dimensions, uploaded image will be automatically resized to this size.
  • Hide the Field: Enable this to hide the field once customers have selected or entered any value.
  • Values Required: Make fields optional or mandatory.
  • Show on: Select the page from drop down on which you want to display custom fields e.g. accounts and registration page.
  • Editable by Customers: Restrict editing the customers’ field.
  • Store View: Select the desired store view for custom fields
  • Customer Group: Select the desired customer group for custom attributes.
  • Show in Customer Grid: Select yes if you want this field to appear on a grid.
  • Manage Label/Options: From the left column, select this tab and enter the label for custom field.

Manage Customers

You can manage customer fields from the backend in ‘Manage Customers’ section. Click on any customer to view and manage fields.

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    quick data

    by amber on 12/1/14

    easy to install and got fields added in a jippy :) happy to see these extensions are available so we don't have to spend a lot on custom development

    works like a charm

    by hans on 11/27/14

    works right out of the box. support team is quick to response and fix a minor issue i had.

    Neat Extension!

    by carmen on 11/26/14

    Compact extension and very well priced. Got the job done. I am on my way getting my site launched and hopefully get some sales before the end of the year.


    by Ray on 5/14/14

    Got quick response from these guys to help me install and modify the etension for a very good price. I didn't need to go to any outsource forums. Job well done guys!

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    • Can my customers edit the info entered with this extension later on from their My Account ?
      Yes it is possible for customers to edit info from the My Account.


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