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Customize magento checkout with the additional checkout attributes. Checkout fields manager allows you to add unlimited input fields on the checkout page. You can add the following order attributes: Text Field, Date, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Dropdown, Checkbox, and Radio Button. Add a text message without creating any custom attribute. Gather vital information from your customers during the checkout process to help you improve your magento store. These order attributes are also viewable for the admin and for the customer (My Account). You have the option through configuration to add these attributes to the invoice email and PDF.

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Additional Checkout Attributes

Magento extension allows you to add unlimited custom fields /attributes such as text field, text area, date, yes/no, multiple select, dropdown, checkbox and ratio buttons on the checkout page.

Gather Important Information

Magento store owners can receive customer feedback or gather statistical data by using these custom checkout fields. Add additional information on the checkout page by adding a text area to let your customers know of any special instructions. E.g You can let your customers know about order processing or delay in delivery on certain day or for certain products.

Checkout Steps – Registration Page

Custom fields can be added to every checkout step including the customer registration step. If a new field is added to the registration step of checkout it will appear on the customer registration page as well.

Limit by Products/Categories/Customer Groups

Order attributes can be created for specific magento products, categories or customer groups. For example, if you add a text field and associate it with an Apple IPAD then it will only be visible on checkout if Apple IPAD is in cart, likewise for categories and customer groups. Since this extension is multi-store you can have different fields appear on different stores.

Invoice Email and PDF

Information obtained from the custom fields can be made visible on invoice email, PDF and in customers’ accounts. Admin can also view all this data on the backend. If fields are added to the registration step customer can log into the My Account and view/edit the information.


Attributes are automatically validated once created so a customer enters only a date in the date field and number in a number field. Additional attributes can be made mandatory so the customer is required to fill them.


Order and align these fields based on your requirements. e.g. you can align any field on top, middle or bottom on a checkout page.

Magento Order Attributes – Other Features

  • Compatible with PayPal Website Payments Pro - Express Checkout
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Includes a Install/User Guide
  • 100% Open Source.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades


Magento checkout normally involves six steps to complete an order. With the help of “Additional Checkout Attributes” extension, you can add to any checkout step as many new fields as you would like such as Checkbox, Radio Button, Text area and many more at any position such as top, bottom or middle very conveniently. These custom fields are placed accurately on each step as configured. In case only text messages are to be shown on any checkout step, this Magento extension gives you an option for that.

This Magento extension is based on solid and highly optimized coding techniques which add to the enhancement of checkout process. Now getting more information from customers in checkout is easy as beans.


Manage Checkout Fields:

  • Shows Attribute code, Attribute label, Input type, Field placement, Required, Steps, Add to customer’s account, Add to emails, Add to PDF

Add New Checkout Field:

Checkout Field Properties:

  • Enter a unique code for this field (Should not have spaces)
  • Select from the following input types Text field, Text area, Date, Checkbox, Dropdown, Radio button, Yes/No, Multiple select or Message display only for the new field.
  • Select position where you would like to display your new field e.g. top, bottom or middle
  • Enter default value for the field
  • Select checkout step where this new field will be visible
  • Select “Yes” from the drop down if this is mandatory field
  • Select from the drop down if this field should be displayed in customer’s account and registration pages
  • Select “Yes” from the drop down to display this field in invoice emails
  • Select from the drop down if this field should be displayed in invoice and shipping PDFs
  • Select desired store view for this field
  • Associate this field with specific user group such as “Not logged in”, “General”, Wholesaler” or “Retailer”

Manage Label/Options:

  • Enter text for field Label under admin and store view besides it

Assign to Products:

  • Display this field for a specific product

Assign to Categories:

  • Display this field for a specific category


Checkout Fields Manager:

  • Select “Yes” from the drop down to enable this extension
  • Enter text for field set heading

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    Fantastic Extension

    by slyder011 : I useCommunity 1.8.1 on 4/5/14

    I installed this extension for a friends website I was building for them. They needed extra information from their customers, like a License # and Expiry Date, to be able to purchase weapons online.
    This extension was exactly what they needed and it works great!
    Had a slight problem with Attribute Codes showing on the Order Emails instead of the Attribute Labels. Due to the time differences between Canada and Pakistan, it only took 2 days for support to fix my problem.
    I highly recommend this extension.
    Great work guys!
    Source: Magento Connect

    Awesome support after the sale

    by TruckSite : I'm a deployment & integrations provider, I useCommunity 1.7.0 on 3/27/14

    We have a large eCommerce store with the additional attributes in checkout. We rely heavily on this extension to double check the orders based on the customer needs. We would be lost without this extension and especially the support. We upgraded to 1.7 and we had an issue that they jumped in and fixed for us.
    If you are looking for an extension that works as described and to get the support after the sale is just unbelievable.
    Do not hesitate to buy this extension...You will be able to ask the right questions at checkout for whatever business you have. Highly rec-commend this extension.
    Source: Magento Connect

    Excellent Extension.

    by sourabhrawat : I useCommunity 1.8.0 on 1/24/14

    It is really an excellent magento extension.
    It is very much helpful to create custom fields in checkout process in any section billing, customer information etc.
    I use this extension in one of my project and it fulfill my function requirement.
    Technical support is also very good, if you need any support.
    Thanks & Regards
    SR SE
    Source: Magento Connect

    Got what i was promised

    by sonucsergpv on 1/28/13

    Nice extension.
    I can say in one word Support is excellent! Support guy is quite helpful.


    by promosolutions on 1/19/13

    Nice extension, easy to manage/configure. Support is excellent! While adding the extension to user roles we had a tiny issue which was resolved very fast by the supportteam.

    unbelievable support

    by TruckSite on 1/17/13

    Great extension and unbelievable support. Resolved issues super fast. Would highly recommend to any one.
    Just pay them to install. You will be far ahead.

    Really nice

    by Rohit85 on 1/9/13

    Really good extension. The support from the company is also good. I was having problem that the extension was conflicting with another payment extension, The support team was given me quickly solutions. Really nice.


    by alldigital on 11/8/12

    i purchased the additional checkout extension (which was the suggested product via various Magento IRC chans), had some problems regarding installation and broken cart functions... The support staff WILL answer/address your technial problem, they resolved my issue quickly and correctly.

    Great Support

    by xeiro on 9/19/12

    I bought this extension, and after installation had a problems to get it work properly.

    I contacted support, and they solve my problems, and now extension is working properly. Thanks!

    Great Extension! Highly Recommended!

    by Rj on 8/30/12

    I had some small trouble after installing the extension but the support was just that fast and they solved the issue immediately.

    Thanks! =D

    Can Count on FME

    by Tombo75 on 8/24/12

    I bought this extension, and after installation had a problems to get it work properly.

    I contacted support, and they solve my problems, and now extension is working properly. Thanks!

    5 star

    by hanumanhook on 6/26/12

    go ahead and buy this extension, it works well :)

    I did have a small issue after installation but I left a support ticket with them and they sorted it out for me straight away.

    good extension, good support. (source: magentoconnect)

    product is very good and efficient

    by Marinho Schulz on 6/6/12

    I made the purchase of this product and I had another active extension.

    At first the installation can not be completed successfully and I thought I would lose my payment.

    I contacted the FME Suport and the same day was well attended and they were able to alter some code that made the extensions compatible. This team is good and solve problems quickly, I recommend to everyone!

    The product is very good and efficient.

    I am Brazilian and communication is a little hard for me, but even so they were quick and helpful.

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    • Is this extension compatible with one step checkout ?
      Yes our additional checkout attributes is compatible with our One Step Checkout. If you are using another one step checkout contact our support for further information.


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