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Magento Abandoned Cart Reminder Email Extension performs automated follow up with your customers who left the cart without successful checkout. To bring users back to the cart and perform checkout, a link is included in these reminders. You can also add discount coupons in these followup emails. Detailed stats are provided to admin on the backend. This module recovers your sales to a great extent.

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Magento 1.9 Abandoned Cart Reminder Extension allows you to track, prevent and get rid of all those reasons that lead to cart abandonment by customers. This plug-in allows you to follow-up with those customers by email. You can send reminder emails to them which include a link that will bring customers back to the cart from where they left. Furthermore you can add a discount coupon code in followup emails offering your customers a solid reason to come back and purchase.

Coupon codes are automatically generated for each user who leaves the cart without checkout. You can manually generate coupons from the backend. Reminder emails are sent to customers automatically with the help of CRON job. You control their frequency. Mute section is included in this Magento cart extension, which lists those users who never responded to any followup email. Customers can unsubscribe to these reminders ; there is a separate section on the backend that lists all these users. Detail stats are available on the backend such as total emails sent, conversions as a result of follow etc.

Reminder Email Features:

  • Configure time interval after which abandon cart reminder emails will be sent
  • Followup emails include a link that brings users back to where they were on the cart
  • Set the frequency of reminders
  • You can track cart abandonment against specific store views and payment methods.
  • Customer notifications can be enabled/disabled
  • Send coupon codes in follow up emails. Coupon codes are automatically generated

Business Features:

  • Resolves the most critical ecommerce sales drop issue i.e. cart abandonment.
  • Reminder emails include solid reason for which customers will come back e.g. discounts.
  • Recover your sales
  • Provide better customer services, increase your popularity

Magento Abandoned Cart Reminder Features

  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible
  • Multi-Store Supported
  • Multi-Language Supported
  • Includes a Install/User Guide
  • 100% Open Source.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades

What is Mute and How it Works

  • Cart Abandoned Reminder Magento Extension provides separate Mute section which contains all those abandon cart entries for which maximum reminder emails had been sent according to the maximum frequency set. For example if you set “Mute the Cart” to 3, then reminder emails will be sent out to customers three times and then all the entries will be moved to mute section. You can un-mute the entries any time. You also need to un-mute them after changing frequency.

How to configure Email settings?

  • Define the reminder email sender’s signature such as Customer Support, Sales Representative
  • Set time after which reminder emails will be sent out when CRON job is run. Time is counted from last email sent out. For example if you set time to 01:30:00 then after the first email is sent out, next reminder email will be sent out after one hour and thirty minutes.
  • Select which payment methods you will like to track for cart abandonment with reminder emails. You can make multiple choices.
  • Enable or disable notifications to customers.

How to Manage Discount Coupons?

  • You can create discount coupons from Magento admin panel if you need to create manually. Abandon Carts Reminder Magento Extension automatically generates discount coupon for each new user when cart abandonment occur.
  • Set minimum abandoned cart order amount e.g. $300, $500.
  • Coupon Attachment indicates the email number with which the coupon will be sent out e.g. if you specify 3, then coupon code will be sent out with third reminder email. Make sure you enter the value within the frequency interval.

Manage Abandoned Carts

  • Abandoned cart tab will display all information about users who abandoned the cart along with total amount, email ids, customer group and reminder status. You can manually sent out reminder emails from this section to any user
  • Mute section shows all those cart entries for which maximum reminder emails to users has been sent out. It also shows entries for which users disabled the reminder email option from their accounts.
  • Unsubscribed Customers are those who disabled the reminder emails from their accounts.
  • From Manage coupons section you can delete any coupon, in that case new one will be generated if abandonment occur.
  • Reminder statistics shows vital information such as total number of reminders sent out, total price for those reminders etc.

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    • I have installed this extension.First time it works.But as i disable it from xml file.it stops and eroor :Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.Please tell me what to do.thanks
      Please log a ticket here: support.fmeextensions.com and we'll have it fixed for you as soon as possible.


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