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If your store is overwhelmed with customer’s queries on help-line or e-mails then FME’s FAQ Management extension will offset this burden by answering those questions right on your website so customers won’t have to call in or write an email. Its backend module gives you control on which FAQ to display on your website. Power your site with this valuable customer satisfaction tool.

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Having FAQ on your website is vital because it makes your visitors or customers’ life easy by answering most common queries to them. They would not have to dial-in help-line and then wait for someone to assist them because today, marketers, surfers and web visitors want everything fast and quick like quick online business transactions, fast payment methods and direct and precise information.

Customers will browse all the pages which may take a lot of time, and worse – if their queries are unanswered then they will have to browse the website again and again just to find the answers.

FME’s FAQ Management extension provides a wonderful solution. It provides an easy to use backend module through which questions can be added along with their answers. These FAQs are displayed elegantly on the front-end. Moreover you can export these FAQs. You can also customize FAQ page.


  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible
  • Easy to install, just copy and run
  • Easy to use, easy to manage, easy to customize
  • Support jquery effect on front end
  • Your service and support facilities can be transformed into a far more powerful and effective force
  • Improve your customer’s communication
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Separated HTML/CSS, W3C validated



The Front End of the Magento FAQ Extension has been equipped with What? How? Where? etc. questions, and answers to those questions which generally arise among the visitors. All you have to do is click on the question and the answer will be displayed.


FAQs Grid:

  • Shows the FAQs ID, Title, Status and a link to Edit the FAQs
  • Change Status or delete by selecting from the grid and selecting the action

Export to CSV:

  • You can Export the FAQs to a CSV or XML file
  • Select the type of file you would like to Save As and Click on Export

Add FAQs:

  • Question
  • Status
  • Store View
  • Answer (WYSIWIG)


FAQ Page Settings:

  • Set the Page Title by just editing the text field e.g 'FAQs'
  • You can set the SEF URL Identifier by editing the text in field for example 'FAQs'
  • META Keywords can be added by adding it to the text field
  • Write the META Description in the text field to give a detail about the keywords added

Search Engine Optimization:

  • Set the URL suffix (e.g., .html)

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    FAQ Management

    by joe n on 1/13/12

    the support was great had a problem setting up wrote support they fix it fast
    easy to use would recommend this product

    Great extension

    by Del on 5/26/11

    Great extension from a superb developer. they sorted out my issues within minutes of me reporting it. extremely helpful and would definitely recommend.

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