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Magento FAQ + Product Questions extension allows you to create a knowledge base section for website on every product detail page. Questions/Answers are divided into categories and displayed in an accordion . Captcha enabled “Ask a Question” form is added on each product page for quick product inquiry. Other advance features include rating, like/unlike, read more button, reply, sort, multiple themes to choose from and search FAQs.

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Product Questions Answer Extension can significantly increases customers’ enquiries by providing them ability to ask questions quickly right on the product pages. Site admin can post answers in reply on the page to eventually convert it into a knowledge base for other customers and save them time. Product detail page gets updated on a regular basis with fresh content to make it popular on Search Engines specifically Google.

Quick contact magento module makes it possible for you to add a complete self-service FAQ management solution on your website. It allows you to create a compelling knowledge base section according to your needs. Categorize your questions into different topics. With FAQs + Product Questions 2 you have the flexibility of defining which FAQ topic should appear in which order on FAQ main page. On the other hand while creating FAQs you can choose the style and appearance of how they should appear on frontend like for example you can use Magento FAQ Accordion style. Configure email alerts such that whenever a question is posted by a customer or in case admin replies to any question then acknowledgement will be send to both of them.

Multi Store FAQ + Product Questions Extension– Features

Magento Ask a Question / Product Answer

  • Ask a Question link is placed at a very convenient location that is just besides the product.
  • Configure inquiry form to be opened in a sliding manner or in a popup
  • Configure user level security whether only registered customers can make an inquiry or anyone is allowed
  • Latest Google reCaptcha embedded

Faqs Topics / Categories / Section:

  • Easily categorize your FAQs for customers’ convenience
  • Topics and questions can be sorted by ratings or by latest ones
  • Each FAQ Topic has its own page, hence has its own configuration panel such as meta information , URL identifier etc.
  • Display FAQ topic on the landing page or only in FAQ block

FAQS - Magento Product Faq

  • Add any question/topic to any product page or on FAQ landing page
  • Order/Position FAQs the way you would like such as by rating or by latest
  • Customers can reply to any question in which case a thread is maintained
  • Customers can ask quick questions from product pages
  • Set default topic/question when a visitor lands on FAQ page
  • Multi- style inquiry form
  • SEO Friendly
  • Manage FAQs, select which one to display on landing/product page
  • Limit number of FAQs on landing/product page
  • Manage Short/long description, add “ Read More “ link
  • Enable/Disable Magento FAQ Accordion
  • Manage admin approval for publishing customers’ comments
  • Five different templates for FAQ included

FAQ Ratings and Feedback:

  • Magento FAQ Extension includes FAQ rating features.
  • Magento like/unlike feature integrated
  • Manage permissions for rating and like/unlike

FAQ Block Features

  • Magento Block for frequently asked questions can be placed anywhere on your website
  • Magento search for FAQs is supported
  • Define maximum FAQ limit for a block

Other Features - Magento Faq Module

  • SUPEE-6788 Compatible
  • No additional JavaScript added. Magento default Prototype JavaScript library is used in this FAQ plugin
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Separated HTML/CSS, W3C validated
  • Easy to customize
  • Easy to install and upgrade
  • Includes a Install/User Guide
  • 100% Open Source.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime Support
  • Free Lifetime Upgrades

How it works

After you have installed this Magento FAQ extension, login to admin panel and navigate to FME Extensions -> FAQs and Product Questions to configure this plugin. You will first need to create FAQ categories/topics then add set of questions to them. This FAQ addon offers 2 in 1 Magento extensions, you can use it for general FAQ or product related frequently asked questions. For this purpose it creates a separate landing page.

Before we start adding categories and questions, let’s first learn about basic configuration.

Configure Landing Page

Navigate to FME Extensions -> FAQs and Product questions -> Configuration -> General FAQ settings. You can adjust following settings as per your requirements.

  • Add page title
  • Configure Meta information
  • Display selected or All FAQ topics/questions on landing page
  • Show read more link under category
  • Select sorting method that is sort by rating, order or latest
  • Enable Magento FAQ accordion style
  • Enable Magento like/unlike feature

Configure Magento Product Questions – Product Page

Navigate to FME Extensions -> FAQs and Product questions -> Configuration -> Product Questions. You can adjust following settings as per your requirements.

  • Enable Product FAQs
  • Add a heading for frequently asked questions section
  • Enable & configure Magento Ratings, like/unlike, FAQ Accordion and sorting features
  • Enable questions to display on FAQ landing page
  • Enable reply/comments feature. Configure if admin approval is required to publish these comments.

Configure Magento Ask a Question Form

Navigate to FME Extensions -> FAQs and Product questions -> Configuration -> Product Ask a Question. This Magento FAQ plugin allows customers to post any inquiry from product page rather than moving to any other page such as contact us or FAQ. Ask a question form can be configured to open up in a popup or just slide down when customers click on it. You can also select desired customer group who can post a query such as only registered user or any one.

Configure FAQ Ratings

FAQs can now be rated by users, this gives you better understanding and a channel by which you can understand how effective is your information.

Manage Featured FAQ and FAQ Search block

Navigate to FME Extensions -> FAQs and Product questions -> Configuration -> FAQ Block Settings. It’s very simple to add featured or search block, just enable them from backend and there you go. For featured FAQ block you can limit number of questions that should appear

FAQ Themes and Email settings

FAQ + Product questions module includes 5 templates that you can choose from. You can also configure email settings for customer and admin acknowledgement whenever any new comment/reply is made.

Now that we have learned about this extension, lets add topics and questions.

Topics/Category Manager

For customer’s convenience and ease, this plugin categorize all questions. This allows customers to easily search for what they are looking for instead of scrolling down a lengthy list of questions. For example instead of using one FAQ list for entire question set it is better to make categories such as “Shipping”, “Refunds”, & “Support”.

To manage topics navigate to FME Extensions -> FAQs and Product questions -> Configuration -> Manage FAQ Topics. This section allows you to configure following settings;

  • Add Title, URL identifier, select sort order and desired store view
  • Enable any topic to be shown on landing page

Add Questions in Topics

Now that you have created topics navigate to FME Extensions -> FAQs and Product questions -> Configuration -> Manage FAQs. This section allows you to manage following settings;

Add FAQ Information

  • Select question category, question type and enter whatever the question is.
  • Choose if you would like to show questions on FAQ landing page
  • Mark any question as public or private. Private FAQs will be accessible to customers who are logged-in
  • Enable FAQ accordion style. Enter order/position for topic
  • Add required answer by using WYSIWYG editor
  • Enable notification to customers about new reply/comments

Attach FAQ with Products

In order to add questions under specific product, you will find “Apply to products” tab on the left column. Click on it and select the desired product to attach question to it.

View Replies to FAQ/Comments

View replies tab on the left column shows customers information and comment which they have made to any FAQ or comment. You can moderate and send reply to them from this section.

And that is all it takes, if you have any question please visit product FAQ section or contact us.

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    Great thank you!

    by Okan sarsurluoglu on 4/28/15

    works fine here on website - epuffstore.com/vapedynamics-laguna-vaporizer.html

    Amazing Support!!

    by Mrallen302 : I'm a merchant, I useCommunity 1.8.1 on 9/6/14

    The extension works exactly has it is described and when you need custom work done it is a great price for hourly work. Also the amount of support i got was brilliant. Quick, friendly and they give you as much detail as you want. Would Recommend this extension to anyone.
    Source: Magento Connect

    Went above and beyond my expectations.

    by uswatersystems : I'm a merchant, I useCommunity 1.7.0 on 4/10/14

    Seriously, the best customer service and support I have dealt with...I had a couple custom plugins I am running that cause some compatibility issues but FME got me up an running very quickly. I also had another customization request which they didn't have to accommodate but they got me pointed in the right direction - Besides their excellent customer service the plugin works exactly like it should - SO EASY
    Source: Magento Connect

    Works well, outstanding support

    by JMA_1 : I'm a merchant, I useCommunity on 9/14/13

    The extension works exactly as expected. I had a few minor issues but their support was extremely responsive and had them resolved the next day.
    I also needed a slight modification to the way I used the extension which they offered to do for 1hr labor and it was well worth it. They were very accommodating to helping me customize the function I needed. I was in regular contact with them for like 10 straight days. Again, they were very consistent with following up to every request. Very good people.
    Source: Magento Connect

    Great product, great service

    by gemvy on 5/6/13

    love the module and installation service is well worth the price.

    Couldn't have asked for more

    by Celine on 2/18/13

    Perfect extension for Product Questions. Gives you more functionality than alot of others in the market. Glad i made the purchase. Keep it up guys

    Great module!

    by caios on 1/17/13

    I found adapting it to my theme pretty easy in the end.
    Great module!
    Has a nice feature in the admin of being able to add the same question and answer to multiple products. Which is a really good feature.

    love the new version

    by Magmer on 6/21/12

    i can choose from 4 themes to display FAQs and Product Questions and have the option to do have Product Questions open on a new page or a popup. Couldn't have asked for more.

    sneak peak

    by maniz on 6/1/12

    I am an existing customer and they let me have the new version 2.0 and i must say WOW. new features like Replies, ratings, Was it helpful, new page for all Questions (controlled through the settings) are super features

    nice extensoon a must have

    by Bonn on 5/21/12

    Every one wants more sales. this is another one of those modules that help you achieve more sales. I've leant that customer satisfaction can lead to greater sales and this really helps

    nice and easy

    by jasmine on 5/10/12

    Helps me satisfy clients and gain new customers at the same time. The Faq section that comes with this extension is a great addition and none others have it like this. Very well priced may i add!

    Would be great if you guys added a link from the Top

    by Rhyner on 4/17/12

    Using this extension and working great. Has helped in the Customer Satisfaction department. New customers can easily see the questions asked by Existing customer and be satified

    Works great on 1.6.1.

    by happy customer on 3/16/12

    Like this extension, it does what it says and works well. When a customer leaves a question the site emails me, and when I leave an answer it emails the customer.
    I can tie the answers to products, or put them into topics on the FAQ page.
    Customer support has been very good. We had a few small changes made and the company was ALWAYS quick to respond and very accurate with their changes.
    Highly recommend their work.

    A very nice extension - Very helpful on our store.

    by Wayne on 3/9/12

    We wanted to leave a positive review of this product as FME has done a great job with this extension. We are very pleased, and our customers started using it right away. Very nice. We had a small conflict with another extension on our site and the FME team were quick to diagnose and fix the issue. Thanks!

    Product Faqs Ask a Question

    • Hi! I like this extention. Is it possible to translate it to Russian?
      Yes it is possible to convert this into Russian or any other language as it comes with a translation csv file.
    • Can i place this extension in tabs in my custom theme?
      Yes you can have the ask a question form and the FAQs for the product displayed in tabs. You will however have to get your developer to integrate the extensions code into the theme files. If you do not have a magento developer let us know and we can provide you with an estimate for your requirements.
    • I got this extension for one of my projects and the client has come back needing some adjustments. Would it be possible for you guys to handle it and customise the extension for me according to my clients req? Looking forward to hearing from you guys
      First of all Welcome back. Yes we can customise the extension according to your requirements. please create a ticket here with the requirements: support.fmeextensions.com and we can take it on from there. Have a great day


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